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Oh my god!!!!How sweet of those kids!!!!The last shot with a baby keeping handkerchief in the mouth...No words to describe its beauty!!!


wow - great photos. u r getting better and better... when we're back in the philippines in july - we should meet. keep on shooting such great reports !


ces photos noir et blanc ont le charme d'un Doisneau oriental, les regards, les attitudes des enfants avides de savoir et rieurs, magnifique série, j'adore voyager dans ton monde, Françoise, bien amicalement


Good evening.

I am part of a multi-sectoral campaign in the Philippines to help reverse the crisis in the Philippine education system. Your photos are fantastic. May I borrow just two or three for use in our BROCHURE? It's a rush print job and I've been unsuccessful so far in finding photos as excellent as the ones you took. I can send you a write-up on our Campaign. It will be formally launched next week during the Corporate Social Responsibility Expo. Until I am able to gather photos from my co-members, may I please borrow first from your collection? It's just for 1,000 brochures and 1,000 bookmarks. Hoping for your favorable consideration. Thank you and God bless!


what an amazing series syd! see you next year!


bonnes vacances à tous surtout à toi .. sidney!


I love that quote by the teacher! So true. And always so true are your portraits. Have a wonderful christmas holiday!


great pictures. very nostalgic. i went to a public school myself in the philippines...and they need help. so please... if you can.


Black and white photos are always dramatic :) Great shots.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you Sidney. May you have a great, stress-free 2007 ahead of you :) !


Beautiful set of images Sidney ... as usual excellent.


Really beautiful series Sidney!


Again beautiful portraits of children, Sidney. You do have a talent for getting very close and capture the essence of every child’s expression.


Wow! Wonderful portraits of growing children !

19 Seconds Of Spring

Interesting series... Great portraits!


sidney...these are so sweet. i love the concentration on the childrens faces.


Quelle galerie de protraits. Sublime . Il n'y a qu'à regarder et apprécier .
On ressent vraiment une atmosphère studieuse, une envie d'apprendre de la part des èlèves. Le respect des lieux. Nous sommes loin de nos écoles françaises où l'instituteur n'est plus le maître des lieus si j'ose dire.
Super Sydney, vraiment super.
A propos, ce serait un très grand plaisir pour moi de vous rencontrer si par hazard vous veniez dans ma contrée.

Gérard Méry

preference for the last, it is too nice


Great pics!

Ii used to love writing on a clean green blackboard when I was young. I love that Johannot quote. :)


I know these are recent photos Sidney, but they have a retro feel to them. That says a lot about what you are portraying in this series.


the student dont have slippers hmmm.
anyways the handwriting of the children is ok, much much better than my handwriting :lol:


Great pictures. Your photos revealed how poverty affects many children. Sometimes it's sad to think that some parents can't even afford to buy shoes for their children who attends school.


hahaha. i like what the teacher said :)


I like all of these, but really like the top one (brings me back to early school days!) and the third from the top.


The children are so pretty.

Shazeen Samad

Beautiful as always Sidney..

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